- Fully ARexx driven:
   - All menus are rexx scripts and are therefore totally configurable
   - Optional global command system
      - Could even be used to run a system exactly like CompuServe!

   - Every single character in Zeus is configurable!
   - Auto ANSI code removal and 8 bit translation

- Powerfull 'watcher' system:
   - 20 Function key slots for running external programs or inserting text
   - Data screen shows useful BBS information:
      - Number of users
      - Number of calls today (and total calls)
      - Number of files/messages online
      - Graph showing all-time and session calls statistics
   - ANSI watcher:
      - Ultra fast 2-16 colour ANSI display
      - Supports Amiga codes
      - Optional pre-scroll "jumpy" mode for faster scrolling.
   - RIP watcher:
      - HiRes 16 colour graphics display
      - Local RIP terminal
   - CON watcher
      - Open a window on any screen

- IEMSI Support:
   - Allows users to login instantly

- ANSI Music Support:

- Optional Control screen:
   - Configurable menus for starting BBS related programs (GUI Editor)
   - Screen settings:
      - Any resolution
      - 2-16 editable colours
      - Any font
      - Supports IFF backdrops
   - Zeus programs can put 'icons' on the control screen
      - Example 'ChatStatus' program graphicaly shows whether the SysOp is
        available for paging or not.  Just click to change!
   - The control screen is public so you can set other programs to open
     their windows on it.  I.E. TrapDoor

 Text System
- Supports 256 menu sets and 256 languages
- Possible 66050 filename combinations for EACH text file
- GUI Menu Set and Language editors
- Optional text buffering system
   - Definable number of files to keep in memory
   - Optional file length limit

 BBS Nodes
- Unlimited amount of nodes
- GUI Node setup program
- Serial options:
   - Supports any serial device/unit
   - Baud rates from 110-292000
   - Carrier, DSR and Rad-Boogie can be enabled/disabled
   - Full control over parity, char length, handshaking, stop bits
   - Can also be configured to accept telnet connections
   - Floating baud rates supported
- Nodes can be started from any front end software or from the supplied
   'Connector' front end utility.

 User Specifications
- Unlimited number of users
- Each user has their own directory
- Fast user list scanning:
   - Alphabetical or Chronological
   - Forwards or Backwards
- GUI User Editor
- Banned User support with full AmigaDOS wildcards
- UserManager program:
   - Delete users (with AmigaDOS wildcard support)
   - Strip Users (who haven't called in 'x' amount of days)
   - UnDelete users
   - Rebuild and Optimise user file
- BootUser utility chucks users offline

- 'RealTime' GUI Bulletin Editor
- Minimum/Maximum access
- Bulletins can be set to expire at a certain date/time
- CLI Bulletin Manger:
   - Add/Remove bulletins
   - Update bulletins which have been changed recently
   - Set expiry infomation

 Message Specifications

   Every message area in ZEUS is assigned to an "mb" library. An "mb"
(message base) library defines the low-level functions that manipulate
the messages as they are stored on disk.

   This means that various formats of messages can be accessed by ZEUS
completely transparently.

   Currently available message libraries are:

   - mbzeus.library     - an extremely fast indexed message system.
   - mbstarmsg.library  - standard FTSC-1 message system (as used
                          with TrapDoor and Foozle).
   - mbuunews.library   - RNEWS format UseNet news.

- ZEUS Internal FTS Mail Processor
   - 5-dimensional operation
   - Superlative Import speeds
   - Auto-area creation
   - Built-in AreaFix support
     - Uplink support
     - Full control.
   - Pass-through areas.
   - Echomail file attach support.
   - Fully-featuring routing system
   - Automatic Archive/Packet type switching on detection.
   - FTS-1, 39, 48 and 45 packet import/export support.
   - Inbuilt Tick Processor
   - Name->Address Remapper
- Fully functional news and email gating system
   - Zeus features superlative gating abilities
   - Dupe detection
   - Reply linking
   - Message Bouncing
   - Extremely quick index format.
   - Support for Dynamic IP Internet accounts
- Unlimited number of message areas
   - Fields include for each message area -
      - Low and High Accesses,
      - Gender required to access area
      - Minimum age to access area
      - Usenet follow-up base
   - Message Base type
      - Local
      - Echomail
      - UUCP
      - Netmail
      - UUCP Mail
   - Message Base Storage type
      - Standard ZEUS format
      - StarMsg (#.msg) format
      - NNTP network format
      - Tin format
      - Elm Mail format
   - Flags -
      - Private Base
        (All Messages are automatically made Private)
      - Aliases (Aliases are used by default)
      - Hi-ASCII Stripping
      - Delete Own Written Messages
      - Allowing Quoting in Base
   - Processor for each written message allowing -
      - Jive, Kraut & Valley Girl (amongst others) message translators!
- Unlimited number of External Message Editors
   - Line Editor Supplied
   - Full Screen Editor
   - Local Users may use Local Editors (e.g. CED)
- Waiting Mail support
- Forward and Reverse Reply Linking
- Anonymous Sender and Recipient Fields
- Message Display system -
   - Configurable Coloured Quote lines
   - Configurable Coloured or Hideable Kludges, Seen-Bys, Paths
- Message Signature Support
- Message Searching System by -
   - Sub-string within Text,
   - Exact or Sub-string within From, To and Subject fields
- Stored High Pointers for each User
- Fully Intuition-Based GUI Configuration Utilities for every
  aspect of the powerful Message Configurations
   - Message Area Editor
   - Message Display Colour Editor
   - Network Configuration
      - FidoNet Addressing
      - FidoNet Export/Import Systems
      - FidoNet Netmail Routing
   - Message/File/Signature Editor Configuration Program
- Graphical Display of Current Message Statistics (include High,
  Low and High Sent By Net pointers)
- Full Logging to Screen and Disk
- QWK/BlueWave offline packer system

 File Specifications
- Unlimited number of file areas
   - Fields include -
      - Low and High Accesses required
      - Minimum BPS rate to download and upload
      - The Minimum Age required
      - Files require validation
   - Areas can be made to use standard 8.3 MS-DOS filenames only
- Multiple Path Support
- Transfer Sub-System
   - Supports the HYDRA bi-directional file transfer and chat
     mode protocol.
   - Supports enhanced XPR 2.001 libraries such as Dmodem
   - Supports standard XPR libraries, including -
      - Zmodem Batch
      - Zmodem-8k
      - ZedZap
      - Ymodem
      - Xmodem
   - Files can be checked for duplication before upload
   - File Report Statistics can easily be obtained through Rexx
- Number of files limited only by disk-space
- Index files work equally well with a large or small file base
- Very fast scanning system
- Scans can be based upon -
   - Chronology
   - Alphabetically
   - Globally
   - By Date order
- All Scans can be performed both forwards and backwards
- Very quick index base format which protects against disk
  fragmentation by storing the file descriptions in just a few,
  sorted indexes
- CD-ROM/Slow Device pre-copy supported
- Signal access means that multidisk-disk CD-ROM players are
  never left changing back and forth over disks, but copy a file
  at a time
- Each file has a unique index number for quick retrieval
- Rebuild/Optimise Utility supplied to keep index files trimmed
  and working efficiently
- Informative File Structure includes -
   - Index Number
   - File Name
   - File Size
   - Upload Date
   - Last Download Date
   - Number Of Downloads file has had
   - Name of User who uploaded the file
- Flags include
   - Unvalidated File
   - Free File (no impact on credit ratios)
   - Temporarily deleted file
   - Off-line file
- File Description can be of unlimited length, to include all
  relevant information about each file
- Users may insert their own comments about each file
- New Uploaded files, through Rexx, can be
   - Checked for viruses
   - Stripped of BBS adverts
   - Stripped of unwanted files
   - and BBS adverts may be added to archive
- Marking Files
   - Unlimited number of marked files
   - Marked files can be added in ranges such as `#-#`,
   - AmigaDOS wildcards supported when marking files
   - User can delete, using ranges, currently marked files
- Credit System
   - File Ratio
   - Byte Ratio
   - Max Bytes per Day
   - Max Files per Day
   - Free Files allowed before first Upload
   - Free Bytes allowed before first Download
- All Credits can be disabled
- In-built File lister Program
- Powerful GUI File Editor program
   - Allows powerful Adding, and Bulk uploading of files
   - GUI Editing of currently on-line files
   - Links to your favourite Local Editor to edit file
   - Allows easy and powerful perusal of your file bases
- Fully Intuition-Based GUI Configuration Utilities for every
  aspect of the powerful File Configurations
   - File Area Editor
   - Available BPS rate Editor
   - General File Configuration Editor
   - XPR Protocol Editor

 Integrated Features
Some of the more powerful features of ZEUS interact with the File, Msg
and Main BBS Server.

- A Powerful User Template System. Each Template can be attached
  to a different access level, and set to the default settings by
  the GUI User Editor. However, each user may have different
  template accesses to the defaults, and these can be changed by
  the User Editor
   - Each Template can specify -
      - Max Calls Per Day
      - Max Minutes Per Call
      - Max Minutes Per Day
      - File Ratio
      - Byte Ratio
      - Max Bytes Per Day
      - Max Files Per Day
      - Free Files
      - Free Bytes
      - Max Written Messages Per Day
    - Each File Area can have different Access Bits set -
      - Access File Area
      - View Files in Area
      - Download Files in Area
      - Upload Files in Area
      - Edit Files Uploaded by User in Area
      - Edit any File in Area
      - Access Unvalidated Files in Area
      - Validate any Files in Area
      - Delete any File in Area
      - SysOp access in Area
   - Each Message Area can have different Access Bits set -
      - Access Message Area
      - Read Messages in Area
      - Write Messages in Area
      - Write Private Messages in Area
      - Read Private Messages in Area
      - Kill Messages Written by User in Area
      - Kill any Messages in Area
      - Attach Files to Messages in Area
      - Send Crash Netmails in Area
      - SysOp access in Area
- Message and file areas to be added into Special Interest Groups,
  to divide large BBSs into manageable pieces
   - Unlimited Number of SIGS
   - Low and High Accesses Required
- Archiver System. For use with uploaded files, viewing files and
  unpacking mail, archivers are configured in a GUI Configuration
  program for universal use of which ever archive formats you wish
  to support
   - Recognition strings - Allow archive types to be detected
     without the use of a three letter postfix
   - Pack and Unpack Strings
   - Support for most known archivers