Year 2000 issues with Zeus Bulletin Board Software

Zeus BBS v1.1 contained many obvious problems that will surface when used after the year 1999. Many of the problems were related to reading two character dates from an external source. All immediate problems related to the year 2000 have been fixed for Zeus 1.2.

These included:

The mail subsystem

Many mail protocols and programs represent years in two digits when they are in human readable ASCII: the FidoNet standard message header for example. Whenever Zeus encounters a date where the year is less than "80", it will treat that year as being in the 21st century: "2080". If it is between "81" and "99", it is treated as being in the 20th century: "1999". Zeus correctly determines if a date is in full four character format before attempting to alter it, even if the standard for the given protocol states two character names must be used.

Zeus also correctly generates dates in all years between 1978 and 2038. Dates are stored internally in Zeus as the number of seconds since the 1st of January 1978, as AmigaOS does, and this will become unpredictable in approximately 2038.

The file subsystem

Dates are also used extensively when dealing with files. Often, dates are represented using two digits to reduce typing, and are handled as described above. ARexx based date conversion functions provided by Zeus have been updated to handle years over 2000 in four and two digits, and as such functions such as scanning files since a certain date work over the 1999-2000 boundary.

The user subsystem

Functions used in the user subsystem treat dates in full at all times and as such will be unaffected by Y2K problems.

Bulletin subsystem

Bulletins which are set to expire over the 1999-2000 boundary will expire correctly. The bulletin manager deals with dates in full and will not be affected.

Notes and disclaimer

While every effort has been made to ensure Zeus 1.2 is year 2000 safe, we cannot be liable for any losses sustained due to malfunction. The disclaimer as provided with the Zeus software applies.

This document does not take into account 3rd party software, which may or may not be Y2K compliant.